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Should you get a wedding album?


Should you get a wedding album?

This stunning Red Tree Album just arrived at our door. Maybe you caught my live video on Instagram opening up this lovely for the first time? I don’t think the video quite does it justice, so of course, here are some shots from the camera. I can’t say enough positive things about Red Tree Albums. No one ever regrets investing in one of these, EVER.

Melissa and Kevin’s album features a Japanese silk fabric cover in Sugar Plum, which complemented their wedding day look perfectly. This color is unreal. The whole album is handmade in the USA.  The flush-mounted photo pages are matte prints and go edge to edge over the thick sturdy pages.

These albums are archival heirloom pieces that we are proud to put our name on!

So, should you get a wedding album? Yes, yes you should. 😉

Much Love!

Audrey & Cody


Ahh, probably my favorite photo!Should-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photographyShould-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photographyShould-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photography

Close up of the matte print from above.Should-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photographyShould-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photographyShould-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photography

Another close up, from the spread shown above.Should-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photography

The textured end leaf paper. Should-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photography

Super thick pages.Should-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photography

The back cover, embossed with our logo!Should-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photographyShould-you-get-a-wedding-album?-audrey-cutler-photography

Perfectly simple and clean.

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