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"It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings."


–A. Landers


When you work with me, not only are you supporting small business and my family, but also local and national 501c3 non-profit organizations. I greatly appriciate your support and thank you.


I have committed to donating a part of my monthly profits to causes I care very deeply about: Human trafficking and sexual exploitation, medical health freedom, & vulnerable children within the DCF system; which often sets up children to continue in the same failed systems into adulthood.

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Hi, I’m Audrey!

Why do I love weddings?


I am soul-ly here on this planet for the purpose of love. It's why I am passionate about weddings. It’s no wonder I have found myself here, over and over, year after year. Weddings unify SO many different humans under the common theme of love. I have witnessed many put differences aside in order to celebrate and experience one of the most special and important days in their loved ones lives. It is an honor to witness my clients, and their families.


If love isn’t the answer to your question, you need to ask a new question."


Love is the only thing that matters.

Love overpowers fear.

Love is what’s true.


Some of Audrey's LOVES

  • I love to spend time with my family at the beach, hiking mountains, and camping. I believe my love for family is reflected in my photographs and in my ability to bring out the personality of my clients. Family is very important to me.
  • I love kids. I have two beautiful, spunky girls. They keep me going … yet so very tired. I live in Sterling, Massachusetts (North Central MA).
  • I am a country kid at heart. I come from humble beginnings. My husband and I both have a parent who owns a small business. Each of us have a parent in the medical field. Many members of our family are veterans or active military.
  • Teachers hold an incredible place in my heart.
  • I still get sappy-emotional at weddings. How can you not!? Everyone is having the best day ever!
  • I am super easy going. I love photographing real people and know it is a privilege to witness and be invited into such important moments.
  • If you choose to work with me, not only are you supporting small business, but also local and national 501c3 charities. I have committed to donating a part of my monthly profits to causes I care very deeply about.

<3 I come from families of those who serve. I am elated to work with those who give so much of themselves for the betterment of others. I see you – teachers, police, fire, EMS, medical professionals and military service members. I appreciate you. <3

Worcester Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Audrey cutler walking across a dance floor at a wedding carrying two cameras
A Few More things about


I love to garden. Outdoors and indoor. Seriously, my husband may not be able to find me under all the house plant babies.


I love cooking; and eating! Making a meal for someone is true love.


I love hiking, mountains and the woods.


Coffee <3<3 French press preferred.


I'm an organization maven; finding order through chaos is my super power.




Audrey Cutler has been photographing weddings since 2007.


Audrey earned her BFA in photography and minored in Art History at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.


Many of her client's weddings have been published over the years through various publications. Read more about her press here.



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