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Audrey & Cody
  • We love to spend time with our family at the beach, hiking mountains, and camping. We believe our love for family is reflected in our photographs and in our ability to bring out the personality of our clients. Family is very important to us.
  • We love kids. We have two beautiful, spunky girls. They keep us going … yet so very tired. We live in Sterling, Massachusetts (North Central MA).
  • We both are country kids at heart. We come from humble beginnings. Each of us have a parent who owns a small business. Each of us have a parent in the medical field. Many members of our family are veterans or are active military.
  • Teachers hold an incredible place in our hearts.
  • We both still get emotional at weddings. You may catch us wiping a tear or shooting each other the “Aww, OMG!” look from across the room. Ahh, we love everything about a wedding day. Cody jokes that when we go out and shoot it is like a date for us. (For real, it is.)
  • We are super easy going, love working together and love each other. We love photographing real people and know it is a privilege to tell their stories.

<3 We come from families of those who serve. We are elated to work with those who give so much of themselves to the betterment of others. We see you – teachers, police, fire, ems, medical professionals and military service members. We appreciate you. <3

Worcester Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

We genuinely love every single one of our couples. How can we not, when we get to know them?


A Few things about


I love to garden. Outdoors and indoor. Seriously Cody may not be able to find me under all the house plant babies.


I love cooking and eating! It really is an activity for me.


I love to run. Although, not as far as Cody ;)


I am sort of a clean freak. As much as you can be with two messy children. (I think I drive Cody a
little crazy. Sorry, not sorry.)


Cody keeps me level headed. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with too many *insert variable here*.

A Few more about


I love to brew beer. IPAs are my favorite. If you drop by our house, we always have something tasty on tap.


I love training for and running marathons.


I love carpentry. The house projects are endless, but my favorite is the tree house I built for the girls!


I have traveled all over the country. My favorite experience was snowboarding on the 4th of July in Whistler, BC.


Audrey keeps me organized. I tend to have too many projects going at the same time.


Audrey & Cody have been shooting weddings together since 2007.


Audrey earned her BFA in photography and minored in Art History at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Cody has an architecture degree from N.E.Tech.


Many of their clients weddings have been published over the years through various publications. Read more about their press here.

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Check out our FAQs page to learn more about working with us and read about a few crazy weddings experiences. Or look through our publications and awards on our In the Press page.


If you think you already click with us please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

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