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Zukas Wedding

Zukas Wedding

Tiffany and Darren had a perfect Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding back in August. Tiffany and Darren’s wedding day was super fun, laid back and full of laughter. Did we say laughter? Because we really mean it! These two have a blast together and it really shows. Picking images for this post was hard, there are just too many great ones! 

Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness, love and giggles! 

Much Love,

Audrey & Cody

Ps. If you make it to the bottom of this post, you will be rewarded with some hilarious outtakes. You won’t want to miss it!

We love Zukas Hilltop Barn. If you want to read more about them please go to Planning a Fern Hill Barn Wedding:


That summer sky was perfect!


Tiffany might be a little excited!


Just stunning!


Zukas and their beautiful grounds.zukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographer


The first look!



How sweet are they!?zukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographerzukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographer


Don’t mind me peeking out of this apple tree, ha!zukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographerzukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographerzukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographerzukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographerzukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographerzukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographerzukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographerzukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographerzukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographerzukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographer


This bridal crew were absolute champs. You might not be able to tell, but it was incredibly hot that day. zukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographer



Time to get married!039-zukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographer_ceremony-img_7072039-zukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographer_ceremony-img_7072039-zukas_hilltop_farm_wedding_photographer_ceremony-img_7072natural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographernatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographernatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographernatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer



Yay! They’re married at last!natural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographernatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer


Time to party!





The parent dances were adorable!natural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographernatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographernatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographernatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographernatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographernatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographernatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer



Tiffany and Darren, you kill us! Don’t stop being you.

I told you, you would not want to miss these!natural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer

Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding

Spencer MA


Photographers: Audrey and Cody Cutler

Venue: Zukas Hilltop Barn 

DJ: World Record DJs

JP: Arthur Tatro

Make-up: The Claw Shop – Roxanne Similia

Bridal gown: Bella’s Boutique


How did you both meet?

Tiffany & Darren: We met at Barbers Crossing in Sterling one night through a mutual friend at the time.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

Tiffany & Darren: Seeing his face for the first look pics and also walking down the isle after being pronounced husband and wife!

What was the funniest?

Tiffany & Darren: Walking out for our intro at reception (he was just making me crack up), some of the dance moves on the dance floor and our ‘funny’ photo shoot at the end of the night.

Advice for future couples?

Tiffany & Darren: Take the time to plan and don’t rush. We had a long engagement so we had plenty of time to get everything done. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it’s a lot to do by yourself. Make sure to breathe and try not to stress (but that’s almost impossible!)


  • Processional: Sweet Child o’Mine” – Vitamin String Quartet
  • Recessional: “Mary You” – Bruno Mars
  • Introductions: “Baba O’Reilly”  –  The Who, “Welcome to the Jungle”  –  Gunz n Roses & “G.D.F.R”  –  Flo-Rida
  • First Dance: “Look After You” – The Fray
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “You are so Beautiful” – Joe Crocker
  • Mother/Son Dance: “First Lady in my Life” – Paul Todd
  • Last Dance: “Wild One” – Flo-Rida


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