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Point Judith Narragansett RI Engagement

Point Judith Narragansett RI Engagement

Julie and Pat had a gorgeous Point Judith Narragansett RI engagement session a few weeks ago. We went down to the beach at sunset. Oh, the light was stunning! There we had beautiful views of Point Judith Lighthouse, the jetty and the beach which over looked Narragansett Harbor. They even took a few minutes to enjoy a bottle of champagne during the session!

Julie and Pat will be getting married down in Narragansett, so we were thrilled to have their engagement session there too.

Julie and Pat, we cannot wait for the wedding, it will be here before you know it!

Much Love!

Audrey & Cody

Natural_Worcester_Massachusetts_Wedding_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_Photographer-3Point_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_PhotographerPoint_Judith_Narragansett_RI_Engagement_Photographer-51Audrey_Cutler_PhotographyIf you like or even LOVE what you see, be sure to leave some love in the comments! If you want info on booking your wedding and/or photo booth with us, please contact us!

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