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1888 Wedding Barn Bethel Maine

1888 Wedding Barn Bethel Maine

Stephanie and Matthew had a beautiful day at the 1888 Wedding Barn Bethel Maine. The day took lots of planning from afar, but it was so worth it! They had their wedding ceremony at the Sunday River Covered Bridge and reception at the 1888 Wedding Barn. We did our best to take advantage of every beautiful backdrop Maine had to offer in between.

 Steph and Matt, thank you for involving us with your special day. We could not have picked a better wedding ourselves to photograph on our own wedding anniversary!

Much Love,

Audrey & Cody

1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maineNatural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographerThe Twitchell House was a gorgeous place for the ladies to get ready.twitchell_house_wedding_bethel_maineAnother lovely set from M. Pope & Co. Fine Jewelers.


m_pope_and_co_fine_jewelry-1Just a few shots from the guys getting ready.briarly_inn_wedding_barn_bethel_mainebriarly_inn_wedding_barn_bethel_maine-1briarly_inn_wedding_barn_bethel_maineThe ladies! Already lovely, and they aren’t even ready.twitchell_house_wedding_bethel_mainetwitchell_house_wedding_bethel_mainetwitchell_house_wedding_bethel_maineEveryone helping Stephanie.twitchell_house_wedding_bethel_maineA gorgeous group!1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valleyStephanie did a first look with her Dad and brother.twitchell_house_first_look_bethel_mainetwitchell_house_first_look_bethel_maineMatt and Steph’s first look!twitchell_house_first_look_bethel_mainetwitchell_house_first_look_bethel_maineReady to get hitched at the Sunday River Covered Bridge!covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river-18covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_riverAhhh! My favorite part of a wedding! Father and daughter walking down the aisle. covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river-17One of Steph and Matt’s pups patiently waiting.covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_riverHaha, Steph jumped for the kiss! Love it!covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_rivercovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_riverSteph and Matt carved their initials in the bridge, an old lovers tradition.1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valleycovered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river_valleywedding_sunday_river_me-31888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley-58How awesome is this group!? ….and that backdrop!wedding_sunday_river_mefun_worcester_ma_wedding_photographerma_country_wedding_photographerwedding_sunday_river_me-1Love this set of images. romantic_worcester_ma_wedding_photographerpersonal_worcester_ma_wedding_photographer1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley-681888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley-691888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maineAgain, you can’t beat Maine.1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valleyThe 1888 Wedding Barn Bethel Maine was just perfect.1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maineTime for introductions!1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley_introductionsThe first dance! Steph and Matt know how to tear it up.1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley_first_dance

A few sweet moments in the barn. 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valleyThe toasts and speeches were thoughtful and touching.
1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley_speeches1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley_toastsThe parent dances.1888_wedding_barn_parent_dance1888_wedding_barnThe Bernard Houston Band kept it lively all night!Houston_Bernard_Band_1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valleyJust look at this dance floor! Whoop! Whoop!1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine_dance_floor-1Do you think Steph and Matt had fun?
1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine_dance_floorFireworks after the reception; not a better way to end a perfect day!worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_fireworks



Photographers: Audrey and Cody Cutler

Venue: 1888 Wedding Barn

Bridal Suite: Twitchell House

Wedding Bands: M. Pope & Co. Fine Jewelers

Trolly: Sunday River Stagecoach Shuttle Service LLC

Ceremony Sound: Worcester Sound and Lights

JP: Ellie Andrews

Band: Houston Bernard Band

Videographer: Tim Eithier

Rehearsal Dinner – Fireworks – After Party: Roosters Roadhouse


How did you both meet?

Stephanie: “I met Matt through one of my Freshman roommates.  We were in class when a kid on crutches came up to Sarah and said hello.  Sarah introduced him as “Massachusetts Matt.”  Although Matt will say that I was cold to him when we first met, I was actually just focused and figured I would not see him ever again.  I will admit that I tried very hard not to like Matt…but he is very charming and eventually I gave in.

Matthew: We met through  a mutual friend in Anthropology class.  I walked into class and saw my friend Sarah sitting in the front row.  I went against my firm beliefs of always sitting in the back row of class and went to sit up front with Sarah because I noticed that she had a very attractive friend with her.  I was as charming as I possibly could be but Steph was immune to my powers.  She continued to ignore me for about three weeks.  My persistence did pay off and eventually she realized that she could no longer resist Massachusetts Matt.  Our first date was dinner and a movie at the Drive-In theater.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

Stephanie: “All of the toasts!!!  I was blown away with every speech.

Matthew: The speeches!!!!

What was the funniest?

Stephanie: “When two of the groomsmen (Nick and Ben) made up their own “line dance.”  The dance consisted of the two of them jumping and walking around in the middle of the dance floor.  It was also funny to watch a few people get confused thinking that it was a real line dance and attempt to join in.

Matthew:Watching everyone Wobble.  Or watching my friend Jake dance with my grandmother…and then tell me she was a “firecracker” afterwards.

Advice for future couples?

Stephanie: “Make the wedding a reflection of who you are as a couple.  You are going to want to want to make a memory with every guest there so budget time to do so!!

Matthew: Make sure you are able to talk to everyone throughout the wedding.


  • Processional:  “Wonderful Tonight” – Instrumental Cover Eric Clapton
  • Recessional:  “I’m Yours” –Instrumental Cover Jason Mraz
  • Introductions:  Friends in Low Places” – Garth Brooks
  • First Dance:  “Kiss Me in the Dark – Randy Rogers Band
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls” – George Strait
  • Mother/Son Dance: “Stand By Me” – Ben E King
  • Last Dance:  “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” – performed by Houston Bernard Band


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