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We definitely had an amazing year. It is hard to believe another one awaits us. We got to work with and meet the most amazing folks. Our travels took us from the ocean to the mountains and all across New England, and what better way than for the two of us to do it together. This blog post was so fun to put together, but so hard to pick the best of the best. We tried to keep it to those awesome moments we don’t always share with you. We just had so much fun … we hope you can tell 😉 We snuck in plenty of behind the scenes action shots for you too!

Anyway, enjoy and Happy New Year!

Much Love!

Audrey & Cody

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Massachusetts Tree Farm Photos

There is lots of adorableness on the blog today, another cute family of three! Marsh’s Tree Farm in Princeton was the perfect backdrop for a December session. Also …. someone is celebrating their first birthday. Happy Birthday Greenlee!

Thank you Cherstin and Gene!

Much Love,


Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photosWho could resist those big blues? Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photosThat smile. Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photosSomebody loves Mommy and Daddy! Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos Massachusetts_tree_farm_photosIt was tough for Greenlee to give up the rocking horse, haha! Massachusetts_tree_farm_photos

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Red Lion Inn Cohasset MA

Stephanie and Ryan had a stunning fall wedding at Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, MA. The Inn’s gardens were a beautiful backdrop for portraits and the Lion’s Hall was a grand space for their ceremony and reception. Stephanie and Ryan were surrounded by all of their loving family and friends who celebrated in style.

Thank you Stephanie & Ryan. We were so happy to be a part of your day!

Much Love!

Audrey & Cody

red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer red_lion_inn_photographer natural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographerRyan getting ready.
red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_guys_getting_ready red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_guys_getting_ready red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_guys_getting_ready 004-red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_corn_holeStephanie getting her hair done in the Salon Du Soleil.  red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_salon red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_ladies_getting_ready red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_bride_shoes red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_wedding_dressStephanie’s turn to get ready! red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_bride_getting_ready-1 red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_bride_getting_ready red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_bride red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_groomStephanie and Ryan’s first look. red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_first_look central_massachusetts_wedding_photographer worcester_ma_wedding_photographerThe foliage was at perfect peak! red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_photographer worcester_ma_wedding_photographer worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer red_lion_inn_cohasset_massachusetts worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer red_lion_inn_photographer_cohasset_massachusetts red_lion_inn_massachusetts_weddingWhat a great looking bridal party!
red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_bridal_party-2This group was a fun one! red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_bridal_partyStephanie and her lovely ladies. Love the shoes … daaamn girls.
red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_bridal_partyLook at these boys. They might be up to something.  red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_bridal_party massachusetts_wedding_photographerHow gorgeous is the Lion’s Hall!? red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_ceremony red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_ceremonyIt’s time to get married! Stephanie coming down the aisle with her Dad.  red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_ceremony red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_ceremony red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_ceremony red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_ceremony massachusetts_wedding_photographerLook at that ring … haha! Ryan had to be sure everyone could see. red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_photographer massachusetts_wedding_photographerTime to celebrate! Yay!! They’re married. worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer massachusetts_wedding_ceremony_photographerA few reception room details. red_lion_inn_massachusetts_wedding_ceremony_room_detailsTime for the reception, here come the bride and groom.  red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_introductions red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_introductionsThe first dance! red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma red_lion_inn_cohasset_maSo many beautiful toasts and speeches. red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_toasts red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_speeches red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_toasts red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_speeches red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_speeches red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_toasts red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_menu_weddingThe parent dances were super sweet. Ah, look at Ryan’s Mom’s smile! red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_parent_danceThe cake cutting! red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_cake_cuttingThis group had a blast, can you tell? red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_dance_floor red_lion_inn_cohasset_ma_night_portraits

A couple behind the scenes shots. audrey_cutler_photography

Red Lion Inn Cohasset MA

Worcester Massachusetts Wedding Photographers

Photographers: Audrey and Cody Cutler

Venue: The Red Lion Inn

DJ: DM Productions

Cake: Konditor Meister

Flowers: Talvy Florist


How did you both meet?

Ryan: Through the wonderful invention of the interwebs, and Plenty of Fish.”

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

Stephanie: “All of it…it was perfect…just how I imagined it would be!

Ryan: “Stephanie walking down the aisle with Dad.

What was the funniest?

Stephanie: “Hmm not sure?? Ryan showing off his ring during ceremony.

Ryan: Cutting the cake.”

Advice for future couples?

Stephanie: “Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy! It all goes by so fast!!

Ryan: Start early, stick with the plan, and remember, it’s your wedding, do what you want to do, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you feel overwhelmed.”


  • Processional:  “Arioso” – Bach and “Feather” (theme from Forrest Gump)   
  • Recessional:  “1,2,3,4” –Plain White T’s
  • Introductions: “Boys Are Back in Town” – Sing Sing Sing Boys, – “All About That Base” – Meghan Trainor,  “Feel This Moment” – Pitbull
  • First Dance: “Endless Love” –Glee
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “Forever Young” – Rod Stewart
  • Mother/Son Dance: Child of Mine” – Carol King
  • Last Dance: “Thinking Out Loud” – Ed Sheeran


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Small Business Saturday Sale 2015

Small Business Sataruday audrey cutler photography


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Thank you & Happy Holidays!
Audrey & Cody
Small Business Saturday 2015

Central MA Wedding Photographers

Wachusett Village Inn Wedding

Alison and Brian had a gorgeous Wachusett Village Inn wedding in October. They incorporated many thoughtful family traditions into their day and had a relaxed, laid back event with friends and family. When we say relaxed and laid back we mean it! Alison plans events for a living. So Alison and Brian’s wedding was a showstopper, to say the least.

We photographed Alison and Brian’s proposal and engagement session. So we are excited to share these images with you and are so honored to have been a part of your wedding!

Thank you Alison and Brian!

Much Love!

Audrey & Cody

Natural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer central_ma_wedding_photographers central_ma_wedding_photographers central_massachusetts_wedding_photographersAlison and a few of her bridesmaids at Rituals Salon early that morning. rituals_hair_salon_leominster_ma rituals_hair_salon_leominster_ma-1 rituals_hair_salon_leominster_ma rituals_hair_salon_leominster_maBrian getting ready with the fellas. fun_central_ma_wedding central_ma_wedding_photographer_groom wedding_gift_card central_ma_wedding_wachusett_village_inn central_ma_wedding_fall_flowers worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographers


Alison’s dress is stunning. worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_bride_dress worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_bride_dress-1 worcester_massachusetts_documentary_wedding_photographer worcester_ma_wedding_photographer_bride_shoes central_ma_wedding_photographers_invitaionAlison’s Mom and sister added lace from her grandmother’s dress to her bouquet. central_ma_wedding_photographers_flowers central_ma_wedding_photographers_flowers worcester_massachusetts_documentary_wedding_photographer worcester_massachusetts_documentary_wedding_photographer central_ma_documentary_wedding_photographers_bride_gets_ready central_ma_wedding_photographers_bride_gets_ready central_ma_wedding_photographers_bride_gets_readyAlison is ready! central_ma_wedding_photographers_bride_gets_readyTime for the first look! worcester_ma_wedding_photographers_first_lookLove their faces here. princeton_ma_wedding_photographers_first_lookOh, Brian! That is a happy guy right there. central_ma_wedding_photographers_first_look worcester_ma_wedding_photographers_first_look westminster_ma_wedding_photographers sterling_ma_wedding_photographers leominster_ma_wedding_photographers fun_worcester_ma_wedding_photographers worcester_ma_wedding_photographersCheck out that bridal party! sterling_ma_wedding_photographers_fun_bridal central_ma_wedding_photographers_fun_bridal worcester_ma_wedding_photographers_fun_bridal central_ma_wedding_photographers_fun_groomsmen westminster_ma_wedding_photographers_fun_bridalWe had the most beautiful October day! worcester_ma_wedding_photographers_awesome_bridal relaxed_worcester_ma_wedding_photographer Natural_fun_worcester_ma_wedding_photographer vibrant_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer personal_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer

Time to get hitched! massachusetts_wedding_photographer_ceremony_detailsAlison with both her Dad and Step Dad. ma_wedding_photographer_ceremonyHere comes the bride! candid_vibrant_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_ceremony candid_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_ceremony candid_fun_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_ceremony worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_ceremony Natural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_ceremony massachusetts_wedding_photographer_ceremony best_wedding_ceremony_moments_massachusetts best_wedding_ceremony_moments_massachusettsWachusett Village Inn in all it’s autumn glory. best_wedding_ceremony_moments_massachusettsAlison and Brian’s vows. best_wedding_ceremony_moments_massachusetts

They wrote their own vows to each other, but Brian insisted on reading his from the page. They noted that this moment was one of their favorites. You can read more about it at the bottom of this post!


The stomping of the glass!

gorgeous_massachusetts_wedding_jewish_ceremonyThey are married!!! gorgeous_massachusetts_wedding_ceremony_photographers gorgeous_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_ceremony gorgeous_ma_wedding_ceremony candid_ma_wedding_photographers candid_massachusetts_wedding_photographersWachusett Village Inn’s tent was styled in New England fall fashion.
fall_wedding_table_detailsIntroductions! Time to get the party started. central_ma_wedding_photographers_introductions central_ma_wedding_photographers_fun_receptionAlison and Brian’s first dance. central_ma_wedding_photographers_firstLove them! central_ma_wedding_photographers_first_dance central_ma_wedding_photographers_firstAlison’s Dad had some wonderful things to say in his speech. central_ma_wedding_photographers_reception_father_speechBrian’s Mom and brothers were fantastic. central_ma_wedding_photographers_candid natural_central_ma_wedding_photographers_speech central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_reception_candidAlison’s Step Father also had very touching words for the bride and groom. central_ma_wedding_photographers_reception_father_speechThe maid of honor had a fantastic toast. central_ma_wedding_photographers_reception_speeches central_ma_wedding_photographers_documentaryThe best man speech. central_ma_wedding_photographers_documentary

Another gorgeous cake from Gerardo’s.

gerados_italian_bakery_wedding_cakeAlison and Brian cut their cake with Alison’s Grandfather’s sword from when he became a captain in the navy. How badass!? Everyone in Alison’s family has carried on this tradition.

The Step-Father/Daughter Dance.

central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_parent_dancesThe Mother/Son Dance. central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_parent_dancesThe Father/Daughter Dance. central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_parent_dancesTime for the Hora! Ready .. Set … central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_parent_hora_dance…GO! central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_parent_hora_dance central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_parent_hora_dance central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_parent_hora_dance central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_parent_hora_dance-0World Record Djs had the dance floor packed.
central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_dance_floor central_massachusetts_wedding_photographers_nightFinally, a few behind the scenes images.  audrey_cutler_photography

Wachusett Village Inn Wedding

Central MA Wedding Photographers

Photographers: Audrey and Cody Cutler

Venue: Wachusett Village Inn

DJ: World Record DJs

Salon: Rituals Salon & Spa

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Union Station

Cake: Gerardos Italian Bakery

Flowers: Roche Bros.


How did you both meet?

Alison: “We were both in the Higher and Postsecondary Master’s program at ASU and we met in class about 7 years ago. Our professor assigned groups to work in during class and Brian and I ended up in the same group. Brian asked me out about 3 different times that night and I turned him down pretty much every time. I later felt bad about it and he seemed like a nice guy, so I reached out to him on Facebook and we went on our first date a few days later. We’ve been together ever since.”

Brian: At ASU we were assigned to a group together. After the class I asked her to walk with me – she said no; I asked her to a bar – she said no; I asked her to a festival – she said no again. She then stalked me on Facebook and asked about that drink at the bar – the rest is history.”

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

Alison: “For me it was having all of our closest friends and family surrounding us all day. It was surreal to have everyone in our lives there to celebrate with us.”

Brian: The first dance and first look.”

What was the funniest?

Alison: “We really wanted to say the same vows to each other – it was really important to both of us to make the same marital promise to each other. Well… we both had a little trouble repeating our vows after our officiant said them. While I only asked for a repeat of one of the vows, Brian really wanted to get it right and flat out asked our officiant to look at the paper that he was reading off of.”

Brian: Korte asking us to repeat our vows… Long vows.”

Advice for future couples?

Alison: “Hire kick-ass vendors and know when to let the unimportant things go. Everyone kept telling me that I was so calm and relaxed in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and that calmness came from knowing that we hired the right venue and the right people to make the day go off without a hitch.”

Brian: “Have my wife plan it for them – she’s good.  Also – take pics first to enjoy happy hour later.


  • Processional:  “Canon In D” and “Bridal Chorus”
  • Recessional:  “Wedding March”
  • First Dance:  You’re the Inspiration by Reliant K     
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “Over the Rainbow” – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  • Step Father/Daughter Dance: Times of your Life” – Paul Anka
  • Mother/Son Dance: You’ve Really Gotta Hold on Me” – the Miracles

Are you getting married, and searching for central MA wedding photographers? If you want info on booking your wedding and/or photo booth with us, please contact us! We would love to work with you!