Cassie & Jim’s Fall Family Portraits

Get ready for the most adorable little family you have ever seen. Meet Cassie, Jim and Lee! We had a gorgeous day with incredible October light. But in all seriousness, that light was to die for. Plus, Lee is THE cutest little man. We have two girls, so this was a fun one for me 😉

Thank you so much Cassie & Jim. I loved photographing your family!

Much Love!


Massachusetts_Family_Portrait_Photographer worcester_ma_family_photographer

massachusetts_family_photographerI had to include these three shots. Apparently Lee has a love for sticks! 😉 natural_massachusetts_family_photographerSo much BOY!  fun_massachusetts_family_photographer fun_worcester_ma_family_photographerThis is pretty perfect. Everyone’s expressions are spot on.
west_boylston_massachusetts_family_photographer west_boylston_ma_family_photographerDoesn’t every kid think their parents are a swing set?
west_boylston_massachusetts_portrait_photographer candid_massachusetts_family_photographer central_ma_family_photographer_fallI think Lee was telling his parents that he is in charge, haha. What do you think? funny_worcester_ma_family_photographer relaxed_ma_family_photographer candid_massachusetts_photographerYou guys are adorable! candid_central_ma_family_photographer candid_worcester_ma_portrait_photographerJust a few of the ‘faces of Lee’.
central_ma_family_photographerAnnnnd boys will be boys. How can you resist a giant hill of sand? west_boylston_massachusetts_natural_family_photographerAwwww! fun_vibrant_central_mass_family_photos fun_central_mass_child_photographer

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Harrington Farm Wedding

Jenny and Rami’s Harrington farm wedding was a show stopper, filled with family, friends and warm spirits! This day felt like a long time coming and we were so honored to be a part of it. The morning began with Mt. Wachusetts’ usual lingering fog, but the clouds burned up right before the ceremony and everything about the day was flawless. A real celebration.

We are incredibly happy for you two … I mean, you three!

Much Love!

Audrey & Cody

Natural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer harrington_farm_wedding harrington_farm_wedding-1Harrington Farm early on a foggy morning. harrington_farmRami getting ready with his brother. harrington_farm_wedding_guys_getting_ready harrington_farm_wedding_groom_getting_ready harrington_farm_wedding_bride_getting_readyJenny getting ready with her Mom and sister.  harrington_farm_wedding_bride_getting_ready harrington_farm_wedding_bride_getting_readyAren’t they just stunning? Bride_and_groom_harrington_farm_weddingJenny ready and waiting for their first look. harrington_farm_first_look harrington_farm_first_lookLove this angle. harrington_farm_first_look

Jenny was having a hard time keeping it together. We don’t blame her, this day was a long time in the making!

harrington_farm_wedding_emotional_first_lookAhhh, the first look. Their faces! harrington_farm_wedding_emotional_first_look harrington_farm_wedding_first_look harrington_farm_first_look harrington_farm_first_look-2How gorgeous are Harrington’s gardens. harrington_farm_wedding_first_look_garden harrington_farm_weddingAdorable. harrington_farm_wedding harrington_farm_wedding

Jenny’s Dad was watching us from the porch …

harrington_farm_wedding_father_daughter… so we had to take a quick break for a hug! harrington_farm_wedding_father_daughterEvery time we photograph at Harrington Farm, we ask our couples to dance on the porch. Little did we know Jenny and Rami had a few moves up their sleeves.  harrington_farm_wedding_porch_dancing harrington_farm_wedding_porch_dancingWhat is Jenny laughing about? We will never tell. 😉
Fun_harrington_farm_wedding_photographer Fun_harrington_farm_wedding_photographerWe love they way Rami is looking at Jenny.
personal_harrington_farm_wedding_photographer natural_harrington_farm_wedding_photographer personal_harrington_farm_wedding_photographer beautiful_harrington_farm_wedding_photographerJenny and Rami with their siblings. harrington_farm_wedding_bridal_partyHow beautiful is Jenny’s bouquet from Jeff French Designs. harrington_farm_wedding_jeff_french_designsIt’s time to get married! harrington_farm_wedding_ceremonyHere comes the bride! harrington_farm_wedding_ceremony emotion_harrington_farm_wedding_ceremonyAmanda Brown is a wonderful officiant! harrington_farm_garden_weddingJenny and Rami’s vows were super sweet. beautiful_harrington_farm_garden_wedding emotional_harrington_farm_garden_wedding emotional_harrington_farm_wedding_ceremony emotional_harrington_farm_wedding_ceremony happy_harrington_farm_garden_weddingJenny and Rami incorporated Filipino traditions into their ceremony.  filipino_wedding_harrington_farmThe Arras (Coin) Ceremony. natural_harrington_farm_wedding_ceremony beautiful_harrington_farm_weddingThe Veil Ceremony. filipino_wedding_harrington_farm filipino_wedding_harrington_farmThe Yugal (Cord) Ceremony filipino_wedding_harrington_farm filipino_wedding_harrington_farmThe kiss! harrington_farm_weddingThey are married!

Love them! Just_married_harrington_farm_wedding_ceremony Just_married_harrington_farm_wedding_ceremony-3

The bridal party, what a great group! Bridal_party_harrington_farm

Harrington Farm’s beautiful Sperry Tent during cocktail hour. harrington_farm_cocktail_hour_tent-1 harrington_farm_cocktail_hour_tent_jeff_french_designs harrington_farm_wedding_seating_chart_ideasHarrington Farm’s Cathedral Room was stunning as usual.  harrington_farm_wedding_cathedral_room harrington_farm_wedding_cathedral_room_jeff_french_designs harrington_farm_wedding_favor_ideasJeff French Design really made the room pop.  harrington_farm_wedding_cathedral_room_jeff_french_designs

The bride and groom were introduced for the first time. Time to party!
harrington_farm_wedding_introductions_bride_groom epic_harrington_farm_wedding_receptionJenny and Rami had an amazing first dance. harrington_farm_wedding_first_danceLook at them go! harrington_farm_wedding_first_dance harrington_farm_wedding_first_dance harrington_farm_wedding_first_danceThere were amazing words spoken about Jenny and Rami. harrington_farm_wedding_toast harrington_farm_wedding_toastA stunning cake by the Cake Lady. harrington_farm_wedding_cake_ladyThe cake cutting. harrington_farm_wedding_cake_cutting harrington_farm_wedding_cake_cuttingEach of Jenny’s 4 sisters also had wonderful (and comical) things to say about their baby sister! harrington_farm_wedding_toastJenny danced with her father. It was so sweet. harrington_farm_wedding_danceJust some of the super yummy desserts. harrington_farm_wedding_dessert

The Cutler Photo Booth was a hit! worcester_ma_photo_booth_rental_harrington_farmWe love when the kids get in the booth too! Worcester_MA_Photo_Booth Massachusetts_photo_booth_rental_harrington_farm

Oh, the dance floor! What a great group.




Photographers: Audrey and Cody Cutler

Venue: Harrington Farm

Officiant: Amanda Brown

Florist: Jeff French Designs

Videographer: Summer Wind Weddings

DJ: Keros Entertainmen

Cake: Diane Rockwell the Cake Lady


How did you both meet?

Jenny: “Rami and I met at Bellevue Hospital, he approached me when I was working in the SICU during his critical care rotation as a medical student.


What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

Jenny: “This question is hard!  I can’t decide which was the most memorable!  I want to say everything!  If I have to choose, probably saying our vows to each other….

Rami: “Most memorable part of wedding were the Vows and promises to one another.

What was the funniest?

Jenny: “Funniest moment…. probably our first dance. We were nervous but still having a good time through it, talking through the whole thing trying to remember what was next.  I had so much fun and our guests were totally cheering us on, it was awesome!

Rami: “Funniest part was the best man speech given by my brother Anis especially the part about us pushing for him to move to the east coast of Florida selfishly in order to fill a babysitter role.

Advice for future couples?

Jenny: “Advice….  Choose your battles, decide what is worth you getting stressed out and what isn’t.  Don’t sweat the small stuff. And put yourselves into the final product… Meaning, make your wedding day exhibit who you are as people and as a couple.  Lastly, HAVE FUN planning!

Rami: “Advice to future couples would be to carefully think about the components of the wedding that will make your day most memorable and special to you and focus extra time and resources on those.


  • Processional:  “Here Comes the Sun” – The Beatles, “Viva la Vida” – Coldplay, “Flora’s Secret” – Enya, Canon in D
  • Recessional:  “Send Me on my Way” – Rusted Root
  • Introductions:  “Celebration” – Kool and the Gang; “September” – Earth Wind and Fire;  “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” – Stevie Wonder
  • First Dance:  “Everything” – Michael Buble
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “I Loved Her First” – Sung by Jenny’s Uncle 
  • Last Dance:  “Rather Be” – Clean Bandit


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1888 Wedding Barn Bethel Maine

Stephanie and Matthew had a beautiful day at the 1888 Wedding Barn Bethel Maine. The day took lots of planning from afar, but it was so worth it! They had their wedding ceremony at the Sunday River Covered Bridge and reception at the 1888 Wedding Barn. We did our best to take advantage of every beautiful backdrop Maine had to offer in between.

 Steph and Matt, thank you for involving us with your special day. We could not have picked a better wedding ourselves to photograph on our own wedding anniversary!

Much Love,

Audrey & Cody

1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine Natural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographerThe Twitchell House was a gorgeous place for the ladies to get ready. twitchell_house_wedding_bethel_maineAnother lovely set from M. Pope & Co. Fine Jewelers.


m_pope_and_co_fine_jewelry-1Just a few shots from the guys getting ready. briarly_inn_wedding_barn_bethel_maine briarly_inn_wedding_barn_bethel_maine-1 briarly_inn_wedding_barn_bethel_maineThe ladies! Already lovely, and they aren’t even ready. twitchell_house_wedding_bethel_maine twitchell_house_wedding_bethel_maine twitchell_house_wedding_bethel_maineEveryone helping Stephanie. twitchell_house_wedding_bethel_maineA gorgeous group! 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valleyStephanie did a first look with her Dad and brother. twitchell_house_first_look_bethel_maine twitchell_house_first_look_bethel_maineMatt and Steph’s first look! twitchell_house_first_look_bethel_maine twitchell_house_first_look_bethel_maineReady to get hitched at the Sunday River Covered Bridge! covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river-18 covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_riverAhhh! My favorite part of a wedding! Father and daughter walking down the aisle.  covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river-17One of Steph and Matt’s pups patiently waiting. covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_riverHaha, Steph jumped for the kiss! Love it! covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_riverSteph and Matt carved their initials in the bridge, an old lovers tradition. 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley covered_bridge_wedding_sunday_river_valley wedding_sunday_river_me-3 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley-58How awesome is this group!? ….and that backdrop! wedding_sunday_river_me fun_worcester_ma_wedding_photographer ma_country_wedding_photographer wedding_sunday_river_me-1Love this set of images.  romantic_worcester_ma_wedding_photographer personal_worcester_ma_wedding_photographer 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley-68 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley-69 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley 1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maineAgain, you can’t beat Maine. 1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valleyThe 1888 Wedding Barn Bethel Maine was just perfect. 1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine 1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine 1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine 1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maineTime for introductions! 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley_introductionsThe first dance! Steph and Matt know how to tear it up. 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley_first_dance

A few sweet moments in the barn.  1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valleyThe toasts and speeches were thoughtful and touching.
1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley_speeches 1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valley_toastsThe parent dances. 1888_wedding_barn_parent_dance 1888_wedding_barnThe Bernard Houston Band kept it lively all night! Houston_Bernard_Band_1888_wedding_barn_in_sunday_river_valleyJust look at this dance floor! Whoop! Whoop! 1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine_dance_floor-1Do you think Steph and Matt had fun?
1888_wedding_barn_bethel_maine_dance_floorFireworks after the reception; not a better way to end a perfect day! worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_fireworks



Photographers: Audrey and Cody Cutler

Venue: 1888 Wedding Barn

Bridal Suite: Twitchell House

Wedding Bands: M. Pope & Co. Fine Jewelers

Trolly: Sunday River Stagecoach Shuttle Service LLC

Ceremony Sound: Worcester Sound and Lights

JP: Ellie Andrews

Band: Houston Bernard Band

Videographer: Tim Eithier

Rehearsal Dinner – Fireworks – After Party: Roosters Roadhouse


How did you both meet?

Stephanie: “I met Matt through one of my Freshman roommates.  We were in class when a kid on crutches came up to Sarah and said hello.  Sarah introduced him as “Massachusetts Matt.”  Although Matt will say that I was cold to him when we first met, I was actually just focused and figured I would not see him ever again.  I will admit that I tried very hard not to like Matt…but he is very charming and eventually I gave in.

Matthew: We met through  a mutual friend in Anthropology class.  I walked into class and saw my friend Sarah sitting in the front row.  I went against my firm beliefs of always sitting in the back row of class and went to sit up front with Sarah because I noticed that she had a very attractive friend with her.  I was as charming as I possibly could be but Steph was immune to my powers.  She continued to ignore me for about three weeks.  My persistence did pay off and eventually she realized that she could no longer resist Massachusetts Matt.  Our first date was dinner and a movie at the Drive-In theater.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

Stephanie: “All of the toasts!!!  I was blown away with every speech.

Matthew: The speeches!!!!

What was the funniest?

Stephanie: “When two of the groomsmen (Nick and Ben) made up their own “line dance.”  The dance consisted of the two of them jumping and walking around in the middle of the dance floor.  It was also funny to watch a few people get confused thinking that it was a real line dance and attempt to join in.

Matthew:Watching everyone Wobble.  Or watching my friend Jake dance with my grandmother…and then tell me she was a “firecracker” afterwards.

Advice for future couples?

Stephanie: “Make the wedding a reflection of who you are as a couple.  You are going to want to want to make a memory with every guest there so budget time to do so!!

Matthew: Make sure you are able to talk to everyone throughout the wedding.


  • Processional:  “Wonderful Tonight” – Instrumental Cover Eric Clapton
  • Recessional:  “I’m Yours” –Instrumental Cover Jason Mraz
  • Introductions:  Friends in Low Places” – Garth Brooks
  • First Dance:  “Kiss Me in the Dark – Randy Rogers Band
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls” – George Strait
  • Mother/Son Dance: “Stand By Me” – Ben E King
  • Last Dance:  “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” – performed by Houston Bernard Band


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Aqua Blue Inn Wedding Narragansett RI

Julie and Pat’s Aqua Blue Inn wedding in Narragansett RI was a super fun and laid-back day. Many thanks to Julie and Pat’s planning and organization! Their day started by getting ready at the hotel, then we went to the beach for a first look and portrait time. Julie and Pat’s beautiful ceremony was on Aqua Blue’s deck which looks out towards the ocean. Lucky for us the night ended with Narragansett’s Labor Day weekend fireworks as well as some spectacular dancing by all!

We had a great time with you both! Thank you for involving us with your special day.

Much Love,

Audrey & Cody

natural_worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer sea_glass_wedding_bands_narragansett_ri_ 1aqua_blue_wedding_groom_getting_ready_narragansett_ri aqua_blue_wedding_narragansett_ri_groomsmenPat and Julie exchanged gifts before they saw each other.  aqua_blue_wedding_groom_getting_ready_narragansett_riPat and Julie’s Dad hanging out before the day began.  aqua_blue_wedding_narragansett_ri aqua_blue_wedding_narragansett_riLoving the no tie look! groom_aqua_blue_wedding_narragansett_ri Golden_Gate_Studios_ri_wedding_bouquets aqua_blue_wedding_bride_getting_ready_narragansett_ri aqua_blue_wedding_bride_getting_ready_narragansett_ri-1 aqua_blue_wedding_bride_getting_ready_narragansett_ri aqua_blue_wedding_bride_getting_ready_narragansett_ri aqua_blue_wedding_bride_getting_ready_narragansett_riJulie opened a note and gift from Pat. Awww. aqua_blue_wedding_bride_getting_ready_narragansett_ri aqua_blue_wedding_bride_getting_ready_narragansett_riThe ladies seeing Julie in her dress for the first time. aqua_blue_wedding_bride_getting_ready_narragansett_ri aqua_blue_wedding_bride_getting_ready_narragansett_ri Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_PhotographerJulie and Pat’s first look was super sweet. Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer_first_lookDefinitely a good looking group! Beach_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_PhotographerThe ladies are looking fabulous! Beach_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer Beach_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_PhotographerThe guys were killing it. beach_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_PhotographerDo you see the cork?! These guys crack us up! Private_estate_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer

Private_estate_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer Narragansett_Wedding_Photographer Private_estate_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer Private_estate_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer Rhode_Island_Wedding_PhotographerLove the snuggles.  Natural_Massachusetts_Wedding_Photographer Romantic_Rhode_Island_Beach_Wedding_PhotographerTime to get hitched! I can’t even stand it. Julie’s Dad was full of emotion. Aqua_Blue_deck_wedding_ceremony Aqua_Blue_deck_wedding_ceremony-8 Aqua_Blue_deck_wedding_ceremony Aqua_Blue_deck_wedding_ceremony-6A perfect ceremony on the deck. Aqua_Blue_deck_wedding_ceremony Aqua_Blue_deck_wedding_ceremony Aqua_blue_inn_wedding_narragansett_ri Aqua_Blue_deck_wedding_ceremony Aqua_Blue_deck_wedding_ceremony-2Look at Julie and Pat. So excited! Aqua_Blue_deck_wedding_ceremony-3Just a few of the many reception details. aqua_blue_reception aqua_blue_reception_capn_jacks_restaurantThe first dance! Aqua_blue_first_dance_reception Aqua_blue_first_dance

There were five memorable speeches and toasts made to the happy couple.  Aqua_blue_toast_reception

Aqua_blue_toast_reception Aqua_blue_toast_reception Aqua_blue_toast_reception Aqua_blue_toast_receptionWe were able to sneak back out side after sunset for just a few minutes. Hello blue!

Natural_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer Intimate_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer
Personal_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_PhotographerA few special dances.
Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer_dance_floorTime to party! The dance floor was hot! Aqua_blue_inn_wedding_narragansett_ri_dance_floor

 It just so happens that the town of Narragansett set off fireworks the night of their wedding! Fireworks_Narragansett_Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer Audrey_Cutler_Photography



Photographers: Audrey and Cody Cutler

Venue: Aqua Blue Inn

Caterer: Amalfi Event Services & Fine Catering

Flowers: Golden Gate Studios

DJ: Music Mixers Entertainment

Cake: Cap’n Jacks Restaurant

Bride’s Dress: Alexandra’s Boutique

Hair & Make-up: Ali Lomazzo Beauty

Bridesmaid’s Jewelry: Loren Hope

Bridesmaid’s Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar



How did you both meet?

Julie: “Pat and I met when we were in High School back in 2002. We had been in the same grade at the same school for years but had never officially met until Memorial Day weekend our junior year. I ended up going to Narragansett Beach where Pat happened to be working as a parking lot attendant. We hit it off and starting dating immediately after. Even though we broke up when I moved to Boston for college, we dated on and off the whole time I was there. We finally realized that there was a reason we kept coming back to each other. I moved back to Rhode Island in 2012 and we’ve been in it for the long haul ever since. Our wedding pictures, ceremony, and reception all took place right across the street from the beach where we first met!

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

Julie: “The most memorable part for me was how genuinely happy I was all day. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that kind of extreme happiness before; it really was the best day of my life. Everything turned out perfect…I kept having to pinch myself to make sure it was all real. I usually hate being the center of attention and was worried I was my nerves would get the best of me. As soon as I saw Pat, all my nerves washed away. There could have been one person at our ceremony or there could have been hundreds and I wouldn’t have known the difference, all I could focus on was Pat. I also loved seeing how much fun all of our guests were having. The dance floor was packed the entire night!

The most memorable part for me was how genuinely happy I was all day. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that kind of extreme happiness before; it really was the best day of my life. Everything turned out perfect…I kept having to pinch myself to make sure it was all real. I usually hate being the center of attention and was worried I was my nerves would get the best of me. As soon as I saw Pat, all my nerves washed away. There could have been one person at our ceremony or there could have been hundreds and I wouldn’t have known the difference, all I could focus on was Pat. I also loved seeing how much fun all of our guests were having. The dance floor was packed the entire night!

Pat: “The most memorable part was the first look nothing could top that.

What was the funniest?

Julie: “Pat had two best men and they prepared a joint speech. Even though they had rehearsed it before, you could tell they have all been best friends for a long time because their comedic timing and delivery was spot on. They played off of each other perfectly and had all of our guests cracking up.

Pat: “The funniest part was the dance floor.

Advice for future couples?

Julie: “I know it’s so cliché to say, but honestly, don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the day! It all goes by so fast that you aren’t going to have time to worry about if all the little details came together or not. One way to make sure the day goes smoothly is to pick vendors that you truly feel comfortable working with, even if it costs a little more out of pocket. It was so nice having the piece of mind knowing that all the important details were in the hands of people we could trust.

Pat: “The advice I would give is whatever your wife says goes, haha.


  • Processional:  “Carry You” – Dispatch & “Angel” – Jack Johnson
  • Recessional:  “Carried Away” – George Strait
  • Introductions:  “hat’s My Kinda Night” – Luke Bryan & “Loving You Easy” – Zac Brown Band
  • First Dance:  “Hey Pretty Girl” – Kip Moore
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac
  • Aunt/Nephew Dance: “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” – Stevie Wonder
  • Last Dance:  “Have I Told You Lately” – Van Morrison & “Leave the Night On” – Sam Hunt


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Wedding at Harrington Farm

A & J had a fun and beautiful wedding at Harrington Farm. Their ceremony was just before sunset, giving us the most beautiful light for portraits. We also had a great moon that night when we snuck back outside during the reception. “A” wore her mother’s veil and arrived in a Rolls Royce with her dad, just like her mother did on her wedding day. A & J were surrounded with love and had the party of their lives.

Congrats A & J, what a wonderful day!

Much Love!

Audrey & Cody

Natural_Worcester_Massachusetts_Wedding_Photographer Wedding_at_Harrington_Farm Sunset_Wedding_at_Harrington_FarmJust a few of A’s getting ready details.  Massachusetts_Wedding_Photographer-2 Massachusetts_Wedding_Photographer8A & J’s baby, patiently waiting. Massachusetts_Wedding_Photographer_pets Massachusetts_Wedding_Photographer-10 Worcester_Massachusetts_Wedding_Photographer-13 Harrington_Farm_Wedding Personal_Massachusetts_Wedding_PhotographerA’s first look with her Dad. Love his expression.  Massachusetts_Wedding_first_look_dad Massachusetts_Wedding_first_look_dad Massachusetts_Wedding_Photographer Massachusetts_Wedding_Photographer Massachusetts_Wedding_Photographer Natural_Massachusetts_Wedding_PhotographerA & J are very nostalgic. “A” wanted to ride to her wedding in a Rolls Royce, just like her mom had done on her wedding day.
Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_Wedding-28A & J exchanged notes prior to the ceremony. Harrington_Farm_Wedding_emotional_bride Harrington_Farm_Wedding_groom Harrington_Farm_Bridal_Party-1 Harrington_Farm_Bridal_Party-2 Harrington_Farm_Bridal_Party-3 Harrington_Farm_Bridal_Party Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_WeddingA’s mom giving J a squeeze right before the ceremony. Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_Wedding-41



Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_Wedding


So sweet. Harrington_Farm_Wedding

Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_Outdoor_Ceremony Harrington_Farm_Garden_Ceremony Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_Garden_Ceremony Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_WeddingYay! They’re married! Harrington_Farm_Garden_Wedding_Ceremony Harrington_Farm_Wedding Harrington_Farm_HouseThe ceremony was finished just in time for sunset. Sunset_Harrington_Farm_Wedding Personal_Harrington_Farm_WeddingA gorgeous bridal party at sunset. Harrington_Farm_Bridal_Party_in_Blue_at_sunset Harrington_Farm_Bridal_Party_blue_in_field Harrington_Farm_Groomsmen Harrington_Farm_Couple_in_Rolls_Royce Harrington_Farm_Couple_in_Rolls_Royce Harrington_Farm_Couple_in_Rolls_Royce Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Ideas


Harrington Farm’s beautiful cathedral room. Harrington_Farm_Blue_Reception_Cathedral Harrington_Farm_WeddingThe first dance, surrounded by friends and family! Harrington_Farm_Wedding_First

Harrington_Farm_Wedding_First Dance

Harrington_Farm_Wedding_FirstThe toasts were wonderful and light hearted. Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Toast_Speech Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Toast_SpeechAnother gorgeous cake from The Bean Counter. Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Cake_The_Bean_Counter Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Cake_The_Bean_CounterThe parent dances were so sweet.  Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Parent_Dance Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Parent_DanceThe dance floor was amazing! Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Full_Dance_Floor Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Crazy_Dance_FloorThe garter and bouquet toss! Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Garter_Toss_Dance_Floor Harrington_Farm_Wedding_bouquet_Toss_Dance_Floor Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Crazy_Dance_Floor Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Fun_Dance_Floor Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Full_Dance_FloorAs always, a few behind the scenes. Audrey_Cutler_Photography



Photographers: Audrey and Cody Cutler

Venue: Harrington Farm

Flowers: The French Bouquet

DJ: Get Down Tonight Entertainment

Cake: The Bean Counter

Bride’s Dress: Vows Bridal Outlet

Hair & Make-up: Younique Hair Salon



How did you both meet?

A: “We met up in New Hampshire at a bar on the beach.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

A: “The most memorable part on our wedding day was our ceremony, it was full of moments I will never forget. Also, remembering how happy we both were all day long.

J: “The most memorable part on our wedding day was the entire day, too many to narrow it down to one.”

What was the funniest?

A: “The funniest moment of our wedding day was parts of my maid of honors speech and the flower girl having to chase one of the ring bearers back to the isle.

J: “The funniest moment on our wedding day was my mother in law and father in law during the ceremony when they got tongue tied when asked ‘who gives this woman to this man.’”

Advice for future couples?

A: “My future advice for planning a wedding is to not worry about the small stuff.  Details are important but the most important thing is that you are marrying the one you love and having all of your friends and family in one room to enjoy it with you.

J: “My future advice for planning a wedding is to get final details done 2 months in advance, or the earliest you can, so that you can relax more in the weeks right before your wedding.”


  • Processional:  “Chasing Cars” – Snow Patrol
  • Recessional:  “Ho Hey” – The Lumineers
  • First Dance:  “I won’t give up” – Jason Mraz
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “Forever Young” – Rod Stewart
  • Mother/Son Dance: All to You” – Dj Keo

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