The Almarales Family

Worcester Massachusetts Family Photographer

It is the greatest compliment when past clients come back! I photographed Violeta’s Senior Session years ago, before this blog even existed. Now I have had the pleasure of photographing the whole family. Including Spencer, their sweet black lab! I loved doing this session. Family sessions aren’t only for young families. I think getting the whole family together as adults is just as fun, if not more!

Thank you Almarales Family!

Much Love!


audrey_cutler_photography 004-worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer-IMG_1171 worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer

worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer worcester_massachusetts_family_photographer If you are interested in booking a Worcester Massachusetts family photographer please contact us!


Pleasant Valley Country Club Wedding

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Gail & Jack – where do I begin their sweet story? They have been together for 14 years, but that isn’t even the best part! After they first met they realized their sons knew each other in school and that their lives had crossed paths years before, unbeknownst to them! Fate works in crazy ways. Their Pleasant Valley Country Club wedding was a lovely combination of family and close friends. Gail and Jack’s bridal party included their seven grandkids! You could really see and feel the love they both have for all their family and friends, as well as each other! Their wedding day spoke to who Gail and Jack are as individuals, as well as about having a fantastic celebration with everyone who is important to them. 

At the top of this post I have started with two of my favorite images and Gail and Jack, but be sure to scroll down for all the awesome dance floor photos. you don’t want to miss them!

Thank you Gail & Jack for inviting me to capture your wedding! You are a true inspiration to happiness.

Much Love,


Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Natural_Worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingPleasant Valley Country Club was looking as stunning as ever! Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingTheir invitation reads: “Gail ‘When pigs fly’ Welburn and Jack ‘On a cold day in hell’ Foreman invite you …” Oh my gosh, love their sense of humor! 😉 Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingHow cute are they!? Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingEveryone eagerly waiting! Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingTime to get married! Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingJack and his grandson and bestman! Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingHere come Gail’s granddaughters! Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding…And all of Gail’s Grandsons! Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingImmediately there was laughter and the mood was light and cheery. Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding🙂
Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingThey are married! Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingYay! So happy! Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingAll of Gail and Jack’s grandkids. Look at the two hams down front! Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingAwwww! Someone wanted to be in every photo.  Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingThey are just adorable! Relationship/marriage goals right here.
Worcester_massachusetts_Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_photographer Worcester_massachusetts_photographer_Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Worcester_ma_photographer_Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_photographer Worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer_country_clubJack wasn’t big on pictures, which was totally fine! But you could immediately see how much they love each other by the way they looked at one another. I mean come on! See how he’s looking at her here. Gushing! Worcester_massachusetts_wedding_photographer Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingBeautiful floral arrangements by Herbert E. Berg. Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_herbert_e_berg_florist Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingCake by The Bean Counter. Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_bean_counter_bakeryGail and Jack’s First dance! Pleasant_valley_country_club_first_dance Pleasant_valley_country_club_first_dance-1 Pleasant_valley_country_club_first_danceThis dance floor was awesome! Champagne Toast Entertainment kept the floor packed all night. Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingchampagne_toast_entertainment Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_dancefloor Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingchampagne_toast_entertainment Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_dancefloor Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_dancefloor Pleasant_valley_country_club_weddingchampagne_toast_entertainment Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_champagne_toast_entertainment Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_dancefloor Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_dancefloor Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding_dancefloor

Fun doesn’t even begin to describe this group! Pleasant_valley_country_club_wedding

Pleasant Valley Country Club Wedding


Photographer: Audrey Cutler

Venue: Pleasant Valley Country Club

DJ: Champagne Toast Entertainment

Cake: The Bean Counter Bakery

Flowers: Herbert E. Berg Florist

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    Judy Dove - These photos captured the true joy we all felt that night. Beautiful work . Love all the candid shots ??ReplyCancel

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    Evelyn Rascio - A perfect reminder of the beautiful wedding between two of my favorite people!ReplyCancel

Harrington Farm Wedding

Tania and Chris had a fantastic wedding at Harrington Farm. Their day was sweet and relaxed and a whole lot of fun! Thank you Tania & Chris. We were so happy to be a part of your day!

We will start with sunset photos, because nothing says Harrington Farm more than their unforgettable sunsets!

Much Love!

Audrey & Cody


Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm_wedding_photos Harrington_Farm_wedding_sunset Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm_spring_wedding-2 Harrington_Farm_spring_wedding Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm_Floral_Boutique_MillburyTania’s sweet Converse sneaks! Harrington_Farm_converse Harrington_Farm-wedding_getting_ready-1 Harrington_Farm-wedding_getting_ready-1 Harrington_Farm-wedding_getting_ready-1Tania and Chris’s first look. Harrington_Farm_wedding_first_look Harrington_Farm_wedding_first_lookToo sweet. Harrington_Farm_wedding_first_look Harrington_Farm_wedding_first_look Harrington_Farm_wedding_first_look Harrington_Farm_spring_wedding Harrington_Farm_spring_wedding-4 Harrington_Farm_spring_wedding-4 Harrington_Farm_spring_wedding_floral_boutique_millbury Harrington_Farm_massachusetts_wedding_photographer Harrington_Farm_massachusetts_wedding_photographer Harrington_Farm_wedding_photographer Harrington_Farm_wedding_photographer_floral_boutique_millburyLove this completely unscripted moment of Tania. Harrington_Farm_floral_boutique_millbury Harrington_Farm_wedding_photographer_floral_boutique_millbury Harrington_Farm Harrington_FarmCeremony time!  Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm_massachusetts_wedding_photographerHere comes the bride. Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm_Wedding_PhotosMom was so excited! Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Photos Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm_food Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm Harrington_Farm Harrington_FarmSo happy! Harrington_Farm_Wedding_PhotosThey’re married! Best reaction here 😉 Harrington_Farm_Wedding_Photos Harrington_Farm_cathedral_room-1 Harrington_Farm Harrington_FarmThe afternoon light was flooding into the room during Tania and Chris’s first dance. Harrington_Farm_First_Dance-1 Harrington_Farm_First_Dance Harrington_Farm_First_Dance Harrington_Farm_foodThe Queen’s Cups … mmm. Harrington_Farm_The_Queens_Cups Harrington_Farm_The_Queens_CupsTania and Chris even had a song sung just for them! Harrington_Farm_dance_floor_Greg_Bedard_dj Harrington_Farm_dance_floor_Greg_Bedard_dj Harrington_Farm_dance_floor_Greg_Bedard_djOf course, the Chewbacca mask had to make an appearance!  Harrington_Farm_dance_floor_Greg_Bedard_djSurprise Tania! 😉 Harrington_Farm_dance_floor_Greg_Bedard_dj Harrington_Farm_dance_floor_Greg_Bedard_dj Harrington_Farm_spring_sunsetBehind the scenes. Audrey_Cutler_Photography_Harrington_Farm



Photographers: Audrey and Cody Cutler

Venue: Harrington Farm

DJ: Greg Bedard

Cake: The Queen’s Cups

Flowers: Floral Boutique of Millbury


How did you both meet?

Tania: “We worked at the same company previously.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

Tania: “Our first dance..even though the room was filled with our loved ones…all I saw and focused on was him!!

What was the funniest?

Tania: “Wearing my friends Chewbacca mask while dancing later in the evening.

Advice for future couples?

Tania: “DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF…which was hard for me to do.


  • First Dance: “1,000 Years” – Christina Perry
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “Unforgettable” 
  • Last Dance: “Purple Rain” – Prince


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Gorgeous Red Tree Wedding Album

Check out this gorgeous Red Tree wedding album. I love how elegant this linen cover is in Steel Blue. It has a beautiful soft sheen to it. The cover debossing makes a subtle and eloquent statement. The craftsmanship of these albums is tip-top quality. The prints are prefect and crisp. The spine and binding are where is it’s at! Super strong, durable and thick! Totally built to last lifetimes. Enjoy!

Much Love!



Red_tree_wedding_album_audrey_cutler_photography-12 Red_tree_wedding_album_audrey_cutler_photography-12 Red_tree_wedding_album_audrey_cutler_photography-12 Red_tree_wedding_album_audrey_cutler_photography-12 Red_tree_wedding_album_audrey_cutler_photography-12 Red_tree_wedding_album_audrey_cutler_photography Red_tree_wedding_album_audrey_cutler_photography Red_tree_wedding_album_audrey_cutler_photography Red_tree_wedding_album_audrey_cutler_photography


Worcester MA Lifestyle Family Photos

I love when the whole photography thing comes full circle. We are so lucky that our clients let us into their lives at the most important and personal milestones. We have photographed Meg and Rob’s engagement, wedding and now their brand new little one; Baby P!

I love how much you can already tell about a child’s personality at only a week old. Baby P already has Mommy and Daddy wrapped around her finger and likes things just so! Even down to keeping that little left hand comfortably up near her face 😉

Congrats again Meg and Rob. Love ya Baby P! Be good for Mom and Dad.

Much Love,



Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-newborn-photos-3 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-3 Worcester-massachusetts-lifestyle-family-photos-1 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-1 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-newborn-photos-1 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-7 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-19


Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-10 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-5 Worcester-massachusetts-lifestyle-family-photos-3 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-14 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-newborn-photos-2 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-12 Worcester-massachusetts-lifestyle-family-photos-2 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-6 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-11 Worcester-ma-lifestyle-family-photos-21

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