Hartman’s Herb Farm Wedding

Central Massachusetts


Katie and Zack had the perfect day for their Hartman’s Herb Farm wedding. It was one of the loveliest weather days last September. I have been itching to show all of you more images from this day!

It really is something beautiful when you work with a couple and you can see right away that they just get each other. They understand each other without needing to speak many words. Just letting Katie and Zack BE was all we needed to do to capture them gorgeously.

Katie and Zack, we admire your love and devotion to each other. Congratulations, again!

Much Love!

Audrey & Cody
audrey-cutler-photography-natural-worcester-massachusetts-photographer Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-2 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-1 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-4 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-7 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-8 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-6 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-32 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-24 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-25 Hartman Hartman Hartman Hartman Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-16 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-18 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-19 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-12 Hartman Hartman Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-27 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-26 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-28 Hartman Hartman Hartman Hartman Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-38 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-39 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-40 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-41 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-47 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-43 Hartman Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-45 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-46 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-48 Hartman Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-51 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-34 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-35 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-53 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-54 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-55 Hartman Hartman Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-64 Hartman Hartman Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-66 Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-65 Hartman Hartmans-Herb-Farm-Wedding-60 Wedding audrey-cutler-photography-Hartman




Photographers: Audrey and Cody Cutler

Venue: Hartman’s Herb Farm

Band: Eastern Standard – Murray Hill Entertainment

Make-up & Hair: Deep Blue Studio 

Bridal Gown: BHLDN – Mina Gown

Bridesmaids Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu


How did you both meet?

Katie: “We met on OK Cupid! He was cute and straight to the point, when we met at an ice cream place he was goofy and kept me talking/laughing.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

Katie: “Most memorable, when we were saying our vows. Zack was holding back tears and I felt so happy and in love with him at that moment.”

What was the funniest?

Katie: “The funniest, aaahh I remember smiling and laughing throughout the day but nothing is standing out.”

Advice for future couples?

Katie: “Keep it simple, and remember that it’s ultimately about celebrating with family and that is always a good time no matter what.” 


  • Processional: “Here Comes the Sun”  – The Beatles
  • Introductions: “Shut Up and Dance”  –  Walk The Moon
  • First Dance: “Book of Love” – Airborne Toxic Event
  • Father/Daughter Dance: “You’ve Got a Friend” – James Taylor
  • Mother/Son Dance: “The Wedding Song” – Peter Paul & Mary 

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Lifestyle Family Photography – Newborn


Katie and Tim recently welcomed their newest little love, and oh she is beautiful! It is such a pleasure to be invited into clients homes, especially on more than one occasion! I know how crazy it is at home after having a new baby, plus a toddler. These days are so fleeting and important to document, even through the messes and tears.

Katie & Tim you are both amazing parents! Your family is beautiful.

Much Love,


lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-12 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-8 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-13 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-4 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-10 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-14 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-15 lifestyle-family-photography-7 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-2 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-16 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-1 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-18 lifestyle-family-photography-17 lifestyle-family-photography-3 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-23 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-22 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-28 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-21 lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-19 audrey-cutler-photography lifestyle-newborn-family-photography-26

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Neutral Toned Harrington Farm Wedding

Erica and Patrick had a stunning neutral toned Harrington Farm wedding last fall. Despite the rain it was the perfect day! The neutral and wheat grass theme was perfect with Harrington’s backdrop. Simple and elegant! But that’s not all….

Erica had a very big surprise for Patrick — who is a huge Bruins fan. Everyone in the room was stunned when an unexpected guest walked in. The legendary voice of the Boston Bruins, Rene Rancourt! Mr. Rancourt walked right to the dance floor to sing The National Anthem, just for Patrick. It takes quite a bit to stun Patrick, but I think Erica succeeded! 😉

Erica and Patrick, you two are the sweetest and we love how you two compliment each other beautifully.

Fist pumps all around!

Much Love,

Audrey & Cody

neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-17 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-35 natural-worcester-masachusetts-wedding-photographer neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-1 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-indoor-wedding-ceremony-1 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-indoor-wedding-ceremony neutral-toned-harrington-farm-indoor-wedding-ceremony neutral-toned-harrington-farm-indoor-wedding-ceremony neutral-toned-harrington-farm-indoor-wedding-ceremony neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-21

harrington-farm-wedding-sperry-tent-catie-canale harrington-farm-wedding-sperry-tent harrington-farm-wedding-sperry-tent neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-19 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-fall-wedding neutral-toned-harrington-farm-fall-wedding-7 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-fall-wedding-6 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-fall-wedding-3 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-fall-wedding-4 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-fall-wedding-1 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-28 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-29

rene-rancourt-harrington-farm-wedding rene-rancourt-harrington-farm-wedding rene-rancourt-harrington-farm-wedding rene-rancourt-harrington-farm-wedding rene-rancourt-harrington-farm-wedding rene-rancourt-harrington-farm-wedding rene-rancourt-harrington-farm-wedding rene-rancourt-harrington-farm-wedding neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-37

neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-36 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-38 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-39 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-40 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-42


neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-43 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-44 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-45 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-46 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-47 neutral-toned-harrington-farm-wedding-16

Neutral Toned Harrington Farm Wedding

Rene Rancourt Wedding Appearance


Photographers: Audrey & Cody Cutler

Photo Booth: Cutler Photo Booths

Venue: Harrington Farm

Cake: The Bean Counter

Florist: The Flowering Vine – Sandra Carroll

Harpist: Catie Canale

Rene Rancourt


How did you both meet?

Erica: “We met on a “double date” with two people we knew. One was at our wedding (the one I was supposed to meet-Patrick’s friend Anderson). ”

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?    

Erica: “When our JOP announced us as husband and wife with our baby announcement!! Patrick will probably say Rene (Bruins). ”

What was the funniest?

Erica: “Patrick’s face/demeanor being in the presence of Rene. Frozen.  ”

Advice for future couples?

Erica: “It’s a lot for one day. But worth it. Eat. Eat. Drink if you don’t get knocked up before. Dance. Mingle. MCDs drive through on the way home. ”


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Canal District Engagement Session – Worcester, MA

Molly and Marc recently had their Canal District engagement session with us. It was a typical New England day … a little rain, a little wind. But damn, we had so much fun!

Molly and Marc, you two are on fire! We cannot wait for your wedding.

Much Love,

Audrey & Cody

canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography natural-worcester-massachusetts-wedding-photographer canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-crompton-place canal-district-mural-worcester-ma-wedding-engagement-photography canal-district-mural-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-1 canal-district-mural-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-2 canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-7 canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-vibrant-wedding-photography canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-1 canal-district-worcester-ma-natural-wedding-engagement-photography canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-crompton-collective canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-12 canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-11 canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-13 canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-2 canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-crompton-place-2 canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-15 canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-9 canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-vibrant-wedding-photography-2 canal-district-worcester-ma-engagement-photography-14


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Rainy Day Engagement

Jessica and Mike had a sweet rainy day engagement session in the fall. They were so excited for their session that the rain didn’t bother them one bit! I love that. Because you know, that’s kind of like life … bad weather, bumps in the road and even the lemons. You never know what’s going to happen, but be happy you are with the ones you love regardless.

Jessica and Mike, I am so pumped for your wedding in July!

Much love friends!


rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts 01-natural-worcester-massachusetts-wedding-photographers 006-rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts-natural-wedding-photographer 004-rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts 010-rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts 001-rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts 005-rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts 002-rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts-romantic-wedding-photographer 003-rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts 008-rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts-natural-wedding-photographer 009-rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts-rustic-wedding-photographer 011-rainy-day-engagement-worcester-massachusetts

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